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Health & Safety Guidelines


The Rev - Covid-19 Catering Guidelines 


  • Mandatory: All workers will wear masks and gloves and will be change frequently.


  • All employees of the Revelry will adhere to the approved CDC + Governor orders + Health Department and guidelines for food service.


  • Clients will have option of boxed meals instead of meal served hot/cold.


  • If meal prep & buffet bulk service is required by client then client accepts the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement. Please note the Revelry staff needs to stay in compliant with the restrictions and guidelines to safely serve you and your guests.


  • The Revelry will only allow 10 guests at a time to get in line to pick up food (number could go up depending on guidelines by Governor’s plan in coming months).


  • Employee hands will be washed frequently. 


  • Gloves and sanitizer placed at every table.


  • Signage will be posted at the front of line that if client has fever or symptoms of Covid-19 they should not go through to pick up food.


  • Clean and Sanitize all equipment during event frequently.


  • Buffet Lines more spread out to provide more social distancing.


  • We will use prepackaged plastic utensils that will include a fork, knife, spoon, napkin and salt and pepper 


  • We will pride prepackaged condiments.


  • Drinks will already be poured and set out for guests to pick up and go.

Health & Safety Guidelines


The Rev - Health and Safety Measures


Responsible Social Distancing: Six-foot social distancing markers will be displayed throughout common areas, along with a strict protocol of a maximum of six people per bay to minimize crowds on the tee line and maintain appropriate social distancing.


Safely, Socially Distanced Space & Lounges: Our entertainment hall is an indoor/ outdoor experience for all ages.


Highest Standard of Cleanliness: The entire venue is cleaned throughout the day and all common areas are regularly disinfected. Gaming equipment, game screens and other frequently touched bay surfaces will be disinfected between each group.


Associate Health and Safety: Every Associate is required to have a health check prior to starting work, wear a mask at all times and wear gloves while handling food and drink. Additionally, all Associates must follow frequent handwashing protocols, per CDC guidelines.


Event Food and Beverage: New menus have been developed with QR code and touchless ordering options. Our service has been adapted to promote limited contact and will include plentiful food platters or attendant-only served buffets. Flatware is served in an individual napkin roll.


Audio/Video Presentations: Presentations and projections are supported by wireless, touch-free UBIQ technology in all lounges and VIP rooms. Remote support for planners and attendees is available upon request. 


Arrival: Self-parking is available and recommended. All doors and entrances are sanitized frequently. Guests are asked to arrive at the time of their event, not before, to promote social distancing in hostess area.


Venue Layout: Furniture, floor plans and capacities have been modified to follow CDC recommendations and local guidelines. Entry and departure timing from the event space will be staggered to allow for proper social distancing.


Facemask Requirements: In accordance with Local and State guidelines, Guests are required to wear facemasks while standing, wearing facemask coverings while seating is optional. A list of those venues and requirements can be viewed at the hostess stand. *If face coverings are not required in your local community, we still strongly encourage their use when entering our venues.